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Does your department or division offer programs, lead faculty trips or award credit for courses taken abroad? 

We can make your faculty-director’s tasks easier and courses richer … while integrating your on- and off-campus programming. Best of all, you don’t need to re-imagine what it means to study abroad, overhaul your offerings or even implement new software to do it!

By working with your institution’s own LMS and e-learning tools, we can truly internationalize education at your institution. Here are some ways I can help upgrade your international programming for the 21st century … while your faculty and students get packing!

Curriculum Planning

Set learning objectives that support your program’s mission;

Identify corresponding courses for easy credit transfers;

Create assessment rubrics to meet on-campus standards;

Draft a syllabus to keep your students on-track while abroad;

Ensure online accessibility for all learners.

Content Integration

Provide online pre-departure orientations;

Reflect destination diversity and highlight intercultural learning;

Assign interactive and auto-graded tasks abroad;

Share course materials with students on- and off-campus;

Ensure 24/7 connectivity with on-campus safety, health and IT resources.

Campus Connect

Integrate international content into on-campus courses and vice-versa;

Foster connections among participants abroad and potential applicants;

Create cross-course digital libraries, discussion forums and shared spaces;

Link international, financial, health and career resources for easy access;

Publicize international education opportunities across campus and beyond!

Ready to get learning?