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Articulate Rise

A hands-on e-course for teachers

The sheer number of features in a standard LMS can be overwhelming for teachers, leading to a confusing course site.

This simple, interactive guide helps teachers tailor their LMS course sites to their own teaching style by identifying the tools they use every day.

A course site that is uncluttered, debugged and easy to navigate for teachers and students.

Articulate Rise; Canvas / LMS; teacher training

Articulate Storyline

An interactive content module

Read-only texts fail to communicate the experiential nature of sociocultural content. 

This unit introduces students to the Chilean timber industry with web-objects, A/V materials and interactive components.

Students have a more interactive experience with sociocultural content, without sacrificing key knowledge points.

Articulate Storyline; interactive content; course materials


A new-teacher training video

When teachers react to upset students with defensiveness, the conversation becomes unproductive and solveable problems go unaddressed.

This presentation shows teachers how to maintain composure and offer specific solutions to their students’ problems.

Teachers and students communicate openly and calmly about problems and work together to solve them.

Camtasia; interpersonal communication; teacher training

Canva Storyboard

Anatomy of an authentic assessment

Although professionalization courses intend to prepare students for real-life tasks, assessments are often more academic than pragmatic.

This storyboard demonstrates a step-by-step, multimodal assignment that connects students to a variety of resources to achieve a real-life goal.

Students learn about real-word culture, communication and opportunities while drafting an artifact for their professional portfolio.

Camtasia; interpersonal communication; teacher training


A voice-over video guide

Default PowerPoint templates position the user directly in front of the viewport. This leads to slides that read well close-up, but may be illegible when projected for students in a classroom.

This presentation shows teachers how to select or adapt default templates for optimal projection in classrooms.

Presentations designed to make content visible, legible and comprehensible for students in any part of the classroom. 

PowerPoint; classroom visual aids; teacher training


An immersive language lesson

Discrete language points are often presented in text-only format, disconnected from everyday examples and use.

In this lesson, learners view, explore and analyze the use of numbers in authentic, up-to-date material produced for native speakers.

Students practice reading, understanding and writing numbers wholly in the language’s authentic context.

Pressbooks; language immersion; course materials

Video script

A production-ready script 

Small business owners want to learn easy and effective marketing skills, but don´t have time or resources to invest in formal training programs.

This low-budget, 5´ script shows three ways a business owner can respond to a walk-in request, with space for optional interactive slides.

Marketing firms can create simple, engaging content that is easily accessible and immediately effective for small businesses.

Video script; production materials; interactive video; business training

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